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FileCOPYING         [summary] [340 lines]   
FileChangeLog       [summary] [127 lines]   
FileREADME          [summary] [80 lines]    
FileREADME.md       [summary] [47 lines]    
Filedelete.php      [summary] [244 lines]   Post deletion page.
Fileedit.php        [summary] [370 lines]   Edit post page.
Fileextern.php      [summary] [625 lines]   External syndication script
Filefooter.php      [summary] [133 lines]   Outputs the footer used by most forum pages.
Fileheader.php      [summary] [311 lines]   Outputs the header used by most forum pages.
Filehelp.php        [summary] [218 lines]   Help page.
Filehumans.txt      [summary] [16 lines]    
Fileindex.php       [summary] [348 lines]   Displays a list of the categories/forums that the current user can see, along with some statistics.
Filelogin.php       [summary] [473 lines]   Handles logins, logouts, and password reset requests.
Filemisc.php        [summary] [815 lines]   Provides various features for forum users (ie: display rules, send emails through the forum, mark a forum as read, etc).
Filemoderate.php    [summary] [1738 lines]  Provides various mass-moderation tools to moderators.
Filepost.php        [summary] [639 lines]   Adds a new post to the specified topic or a new topic to the specified forum.
Fileprofile.php     [summary] [2948 lines]  Allows users to view and edit their details.
Fileregister.php    [summary] [468 lines]   Allows the creation of new user accounts.
Filerewrite.php     [summary] [93 lines]    Rewrites SEF URLs to their actual files.
Filerobots.txt      [summary] [4 lines]     
Filesearch.php      [summary] [777 lines]   Allows users to search the forum based on various criteria.
Fileuserlist.php    [summary] [342 lines]   Provides a list of forum users that can be sorted based on various criteria.
Fileviewforum.php   [summary] [422 lines]   Lists the topics in the specified forum.
Fileviewtopic.php   [summary] [703 lines]   Lists the posts in the specified topic.

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