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File_.htaccess          [summary] [145 lines]   
File_httpd.ini          [summary] [133 lines]   
File_lighttpd.conf      [summary] [48 lines]    
File_nginx.conf         [summary] [150 lines]   
Fileadd.php             [summary] [80 lines]    This is the page there a user can add a FAQ record.
Fileajaxresponse.php    [summary] [100 lines]   The Ajax driven response page.
Fileajaxservice.php     [summary] [793 lines]   The Ajax Service Layer
Fileapi.php             [summary] [111 lines]   The rest/json application interface
Fileartikel.php         [summary] [315 lines]   Shows the page with the FAQ record and - when available - the user comments
Fileask.php             [summary] [62 lines]    Page for adding new questions
Fileattachment.php      [summary] [77 lines]    Handle attachment downloads
Filecontact.php         [summary] [55 lines]    Contact page
Filecron.verifyurls.php [summary] [121 lines]   Performs an Automatic Link Verification over all the faq records You can set a cron entry: a. using PHP CLI b. using a Web Hit to this file
Fileglossary.php        [summary] [74 lines]    This is the page there a user can view all glossary items
Fileindex.php           [summary] [751 lines]   This is the main public frontend page of phpMyFAQ. It detects the browser's language, gets and sets all cookie, post and get informations and includes the templates we need and set all internal variables to the template variables. That's all. PHP Version 5.3
Fileinstantresponse.php [summary] [42 lines]    The Ajax powered instant response page.
Filelogin.php           [summary] [47 lines]    This is the page there a user can login.
Filemain.php            [summary] [49 lines]    The main start page with the Top10 and the latest messages
Filenews.php            [summary] [131 lines]   Shows the page with the news record and - when available - the user comments
Fileopen.php            [summary] [34 lines]    Open questions frontend
Fileopensearch.php      [summary] [55 lines]    This is XML code for OpenSearch
Filepassword.php        [summary] [38 lines]    This is the page there a user can request a new password.
Filepdf.php             [summary] [153 lines]   PDF export
Fileregister.php        [summary] [53 lines]    This module is for user registration.
Filerewrite.script      [summary] [146 lines]   
Filesearch.php          [summary] [174 lines]   The fulltext search page
Filesend2friend.php     [summary] [69 lines]    The send2friend page
Fileshow.php            [summary] [74 lines]    Frontend for categories or list of records
Filesitemap.php         [summary] [48 lines]    Sitemap
Filesitemap.xml.php     [summary] [165 lines]   The dynamic Google Sitemap builder.
Filetranslate.php       [summary] [87 lines]    This is the page there a user can add a FAQ record translation.
Fileucp.php             [summary] [48 lines]    User Control Panel
Filewritecomment.php    [summary] [31 lines]    Snippet for writing a comment

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