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FileChangeLog                   [summary] [534 lines]   
FileDocumentation.html          [summary] [5248 lines]  
FileDocumentation.txt           [summary] [3798 lines]  
FileLICENSE                     [summary] [340 lines]   
FileREADME                      [summary] [84 lines]    
FileREADME.VENDOR               [summary] [35 lines]    
FileRELEASE-DATE-3.5.4          [summary] [1 lines]     
Filebrowse_foreigners.php       [summary] [302 lines]   display selection for relational field values
Filebs_disp_as_mime_type.php    [summary] [63 lines]    
Filebs_play_media.php           [summary] [66 lines]    
Filechangelog.php               [summary] [121 lines]   Simple script to set correct charset for changelog
Filechk_rel.php                 [summary] [25 lines]    
Fileconfig.sample.inc.php       [summary] [146 lines]   phpMyAdmin sample configuration, you can use it as base for manual configuration. For easier setup you can use setup/ All directives are explained in Documentation.html and on phpMyAdmin wiki .
Filedb_create.php               [summary] [131 lines]   
Filedb_datadict.php             [summary] [275 lines]   
Filedb_events.php               [summary] [36 lines]    Events management.
Filedb_export.php               [summary] [86 lines]    dumps a database
Filedb_import.php               [summary] [29 lines]    
Filedb_operations.php           [summary] [602 lines]   handles miscellaneous db operations: - move/rename - copy - changing collation - changing comment - adding tables - viewing PDF schemas
Filedb_printview.php            [summary] [252 lines]   
Filedb_qbe.php                  [summary] [966 lines]   query by example the whole database
Filedb_routines.php             [summary] [42 lines]    Routines management.
Filedb_search.php               [summary] [361 lines]   searchs the entire database
Filedb_sql.php                  [summary] [51 lines]    
Filedb_structure.php            [summary] [663 lines]   > libraries/mult_submits.inc.php -> sql.php
Filedb_tracking.php             [summary] [234 lines]   
Filedb_triggers.php             [summary] [35 lines]    Triggers management.
Filedocs.css                    [summary] [213 lines]   
Fileenum_editor.php             [summary] [119 lines]   Displays a form for editing ENUM and SET values with more space (as an alternative to doing it in tbl_alter.php). This form is only for users with JavaScript disabled, users with JavaScript enabled will see a jQuery dialog.
Fileexport.php                  [summary] [709 lines]   Main export hanling code
Filefile_echo.php               [summary] [68 lines]    "Echo" service to allow force downloading of exported charts (png or svg) and server status monitor settings
Filegis_data_editor.php         [summary] [341 lines]   Displays the footer
Fileimport.php                  [summary] [484 lines]   Core script for import, this is just the glue around all other stuff
Fileimport_status.php           [summary] [35 lines]    
Fileindex.php                   [summary] [168 lines]   forms frameset or common.inc.php
Filelicense.php                 [summary] [31 lines]    Simple script to set correct charset for the license Note: please do not fold this script into a general script that would read any file using a GET parameter, it would open a hole
Filemain.php                    [summary] [458 lines]   
Filenavigation.php              [summary] [625 lines]   the navigation frame - displays server, db and table selection tree
Filephpinfo.php                 [summary] [20 lines]    phpinfo() wrapper to allow displaying only when configured to do so.
Filephpmyadmin.css.php          [summary] [41 lines]    
Filephpunit.xml.nocoverage      [summary] [50 lines]    
Filepmd_display_field.php       [summary] [47 lines]    
Filepmd_general.php             [summary] [826 lines]   
Filepmd_pdf.php                 [summary] [127 lines]   
Filepmd_relation_new.php        [summary] [103 lines]   
Filepmd_relation_upd.php        [summary] [67 lines]    
Filepmd_save_pos.php            [summary] [56 lines]    
Fileprefs_forms.php             [summary] [89 lines]    User preferences page
Fileprefs_manage.php            [summary] [335 lines]   User preferences management page
Fileprint.css                   [summary] [69 lines]    
Filequerywindow.php             [summary] [222 lines]   this file is register_globals safe
Filerobots.txt                  [summary] [2 lines]     
Fileschema_edit.php             [summary] [132 lines]   
Fileschema_export.php           [summary] [42 lines]    
Fileserver_binlog.php           [summary] [218 lines]   display the binary logs and the content of the selected
Fileserver_collations.php       [summary] [100 lines]   
Fileserver_databases.php        [summary] [293 lines]   
Fileserver_engines.php          [summary] [160 lines]   display list of server engines and additonal information about them
Fileserver_export.php           [summary] [65 lines]    
Fileserver_import.php           [summary] [33 lines]    
Fileserver_plugins.php          [summary] [208 lines]   
Fileserver_privileges.php       [summary] [2430 lines]  
Fileserver_replication.php      [summary] [370 lines]   
Fileserver_sql.php              [summary] [41 lines]    
Fileserver_status.php           [summary] [1839 lines]  displays status variables with descriptions and some hints an optmizing + reset status variables
Fileserver_synchronize.php      [summary] [1320 lines]  
Fileserver_variables.php        [summary] [182 lines]   
Fileshow_config_errors.php      [summary] [27 lines]    Simple wrapper just to enable error reporting and include config
Filesql.php                     [summary] [1012 lines]  
Filetbl_addfield.php            [summary] [237 lines]   
Filetbl_alter.php               [summary] [208 lines]   Alter one or more table columns linked from table_structure, uses libraries/tbl_properties.inc.php to display form and handles this form data
Filetbl_change.php              [summary] [1118 lines]  Displays form for editing and inserting new table rows register_globals_save (mark this file save for disabling register globals)
Filetbl_chart.php               [summary] [204 lines]   handles creation of the chart
Filetbl_create.php              [summary] [371 lines]   
Filetbl_export.php              [summary] [84 lines]    
Filetbl_get_field.php           [summary] [46 lines]    Provides download to a given field defined in parameters.
Filetbl_gis_visualization.php   [summary] [205 lines]   handles creation of the GIS visualizations.
Filetbl_import.php              [summary] [35 lines]    
Filetbl_indexes.php             [summary] [308 lines]   Displays index edit/creation form and handles it
Filetbl_move_copy.php           [summary] [90 lines]    
Filetbl_operations.php          [summary] [879 lines]   
Filetbl_printview.php           [summary] [439 lines]   
Filetbl_relation.php            [summary] [569 lines]   Display table relations for viewing and editing includes phpMyAdmin relations and InnoDB relations
Filetbl_replace.php             [summary] [610 lines]   manipulation of table data like inserting, replacing and updating usally called as form action from tbl_change.php to insert or update table rows
Filetbl_row_action.php          [summary] [152 lines]   handle row specifc actions like edit, delete, export
Filetbl_select.php              [summary] [303 lines]   Handles table search tab display table search form, create SQL query from form data and include sql.php to execute it
Filetbl_sql.php                 [summary] [52 lines]    
Filetbl_structure.php           [summary] [956 lines]   Displays table structure infos like fields/columns, indexes, size, rows and allows manipulation of indexes and columns/fields
Filetbl_tracking.php            [summary] [762 lines]   
Filetbl_triggers.php            [summary] [10 lines]    Triggers management.
Filetbl_zoom_select.php         [summary] [480 lines]   Handles table zoom search tab display table zoom search form, create SQL queries from form data
Filethemes.php                  [summary] [33 lines]    
Filetransformation_overview.php [summary] [72 lines]    
Filetransformation_wrapper.php  [summary] [112 lines]   
Fileurl.php                     [summary] [17 lines]    URL redirector to avoid leaking Referer with some sensitive information.
Fileuser_password.php           [summary] [136 lines]   displays and handles the form where the user can change his password linked from main.php
Fileview_create.php             [summary] [191 lines]   handles creation of VIEWs
Fileview_operations.php         [summary] [109 lines]   
Filewebapp.php                  [summary] [54 lines]    generate an WebApp file for Prism / WebRunner

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